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Cozy Management trade name of registered company in England and Wales Cozy UK LTD, company no. 11524156.

Cozy Management is responsible for the property and it’s tenants. They will contact a dedicated account manager for any issues with the property and we will get them fixed. We only contact Landlords in an emergency.

As we aren’t allowed to decrease the rent you won’t be able to increase the rent unless justified and agreed upon within the contract.

The company is well budgeted, and a portion of our income is assigned to budget for void periods. That’s why we can offer secure rents.

Subletting is not illegal if all parties are aware. The Landlord is responsible for any mortgages related to the property and will ensure they are paid and that a management agreement contract does not breach any of the mortgage terms.

We handle all necessary evictions. Our clients will be on a 6 month AST with us guaranteeing them a minimum of 6 months. We do not offer AST’s to new or renew an existing tenants so that they overlap with our lease agreement with the Landlord.

The Landlord or agency reserves the right to enter the property, having given prior notice in writing to Cozy Management (except in the case of an emergency) to repair, maintain or inspect the property. We also invite Landlords to have a tour of the property periodically for peace of mind.

The Landlord may re-enter the property at any moment after any breach of contract occurs thereby activating a break clause. At which point we will immediately begin eviction proceedings with our clients.

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12-Contance Street, London E16 2DQ